Friday, February 25, 2005

Graduate School

Why do we push ourselves beyond what is reasonable? Why do we keep pushing us farther and further than we need to go?

In two and one-half weeks time, I applied for graduate school, got 4 letters of recommendation, wrote a 4 page "faith statement," and applied for scholarships. That was in addition to the normal Lent things plus crashing a vehicle and getting that fixed. Oi!

What is your statement of faith or even your statement of whom you are at this moment? Who helped make you whom you are? Many of us would start with our parents, but then the list could be rather varied.

As I was writing this statement, I started telling stories that I had not thought about for years and the subjects were people I hadn't thought actually made a difference in my life. Camp counselors, substitute teachers and interim pastors all made the list. All of these people made a difference in my life, but will never know that.

I guess I have a long list of people to call after my Monday audition. Peace.

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