Monday, January 16, 2006

Update and First Class Over

So, the last time I wrote I was ranting about the Choral Audition, no? Well, here's the past-year-in-a-nutshell:

February 28th 2005, I auditioned for the Master of Sacred Music (MSM) program at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. I found the building at St. Olaf (in Northfield, MN) I needed to get to and walked around until I found the Administrator for the MSM program. She then, thankfully, guided me through the rest of the process.

I was ushered into a room filled with singers. Well, let's not say singers. Let's call them one of the best ensembles around. The sound that they made was beyond extraordinary! I cannot put into words what I felt. Joy, pride, fear, anguish and just before I was done I remembered some advice I received, "Don't forget to have fun. This may be your last time in front of a choir of that calibre, it might not. But DO NOT forget to have fun!" I didn't. I had a ball.

I also had to sing for the crew, Dr. Paul Westermeyer, Dr. Anton Armstrong, Dr. Bob Scholz,
and Dr. John Ferguson. What an assortment! Some of the best musical minds around and I sing for them, then they interview me for 1/2 hour. Yikes!

Anyway, I left there. Heart racing, pulse pounding. A few weeks later I get a letter. Thin. Thin means it's a, "I regret to inform you..." letter. Somehow I assume that it's not. I tear it open. "I got in!" I scream. My fiancee just smiles.

I was scheduled to start J-term 2006. And here I am. I finished my 1 class. A two-week course on Genesis-Revelation. It was great! We followed the story all the way through--in two weeks! Now it's over. I can't wait for my first set of classes to start! That's exciting.

I'll give some intelligent thoughts later, just wanted to fill you in.

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