Friday, April 14, 2006

Holy Week

Tonight and tomorrow are the end of Holy Week, for us Western Liturgical Christians. Having relatives in churches that do not follow the Revised Common Lectionary, I am constantly under attack for being a part of a church that follows it. It is funny that some Christians, in order to promote their ideas, must attack your ideas and tell you that you are wrong for not following their plan.

Why do we need the Liturgical year. Here's my most basic thought, centering around Lent and Easter:

Easter is very important, putting it mildly. Easter needs to be a ginormous
celebration beyond any other party you've ever been to. Every other Sunday is a celebration of that fantastic party. If every Sunday were the best party, then there would "ginormous celebration" on Easter. So we have a period of contemplation and preparation for the death and suffering of our Savior.

This sets up a period of wanting, anticipation and longing for that great party.
If the worshipping is set well for Lent and Holy Week, then the longing happens. At my church, I don't think we set it up very well until Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter.

We read the Passion according to Mark's Gospel as a congregation. The congregation was screaming the passages where the crowd was saying "Crucify Him!" Immediately, we got it. We knew that if we were in Jerusalem in the early part of the last millennium that we would have been caught in the frenzy. WE crucified Jesus. WE gave Him the death penalty.

And now we wait.

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