Sunday, October 29, 2006

Worship Practices

I've been asking myself lately, what does worship look like?

Is worship praise songs? Is worship hymns? Is worship sitting in prayer? Is worship community? Is worship sitting in a circle chanting prayer? Is worship making food for the homeless? Is worship clothing the poor? Is worship being a good neighbor?

The more I ask this question, the more I realize the answer is "yes." Yes, worship is all those things.

I may not be fond of a worship service filled solely with P & W (Praise and Worship), but I can handle one or two in a service. I may be a fan of hymns, but I would get tired of singing chorales all day, every day. Prayer is important, but I get stiff after a 45 minute car ride. You get the point.

We, as humans, get centered around worship that pleases us and forget about the entity that we are worshipping. Would God want all P & W music? Would God want only hymns? Would God want us to only be prayerful? I think that answer would be "no."

I don't think God wants us to go and sit in worship and pray and sing and whatever, but tell lies about a coworker to get in with the new boss. Nor do I think that God wants us to not go and worship, but be a "good" person. I think God wants it all.

I'm sorry, I just had a lot of discussions about worship lately and realize that I'm in the minority here. There are so many people that think their way is the only way God wants it. Mostly because that's how they want it.

Who are we worshipping?