Monday, April 30, 2007


I just read in Hearts and Hands and Voices, by Sue Ellen Page that if you don't have 90% regular attendance in your youth choir, you should re-evaluate your situation and make changes.

This is quite disturbing to me, because I couldn't count the last time I had 90% attendance in my choir. I have 15-ish members in the choir, so if more than 1 person is gone, I'm over that 10% absentee allowance. This is not a justification, it is a fact. I can't have more than one person absent, even couples, or I need to re-evaluate.

So, is this true in other professions? Should, say, professors be thinking in this way? It would be interesting. If you had a 30 person class and 3 people were gone regularly, you need to re-examine your teaching style. If a board had 10 people on it and one person was gone regularly, the chair should rethink their plans. That's interesting. I'll have to remember that.


Jason said...

That's actually something we discussed a bit as teachers. The way I see it, Ms. Page may be correct, as long as by "re-evaluate" she means "consider whether you need to change anything and, if so, figure out what needs to change." If she means, "something is drastically wrong and you need to change something or this bad thing is your fault," then I think she's off base.

But maybe she thinks that youth choir should be so fun that nobody should ever be willing to miss it, even though that means delaying chemotherapy treatments or forgoing lunch with Nelson Mandela.

In which case, you just add more clowns.

Sean said...

I have a great class this semester that I love the content, but it, the class, is boring as can be. I keep coming up with ways to make it more interesting. For example, the professor has mentioned a few songs in his lectures. Well, instead of "mentioning" them, "play" them. I would be so much more interested if I didn't have to listen to that monotone twice a week.

Going back to the "Accomodation" post... should these things be fun? I'm thinking probably, but English class is not meant to be "fun." Yes, it's not meant to bore you to tears, but the purpose is to teach you how not to sound like a blamed idiot. The purpose of choir is to teach you how not to sound like a blamed cow.

I do think that if people are missing because it's crap then you need to do something.

In my case, I have adults. We have two snowbirds. Winter, between Christmas and Easter, suck. Should really be thinking that I need to change because these adults are chosing their orthopedic health over their choir? No. But then again, I'm transferringg Children's Choir techniques on to them, which I do all the time and they love it.

~moe~ said...

Sean, I just wanted to say that I miss you.