Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Missing Out

So twice in the last week someone commented on the fact that I've lived in MN my whole life. This is not news to me, mind you, but there were "connotations."

Now, I like MN. I've been to most regions of the country and the only other place that I have thought about living is Montana. I've never been to Washington, Idaho or Oregon, but have considered there sight unseen. So, I've never really considered any other place in the US.

Becky and I have considered going to Greece for olive picking, or longer. Also, we plan on leaving the country for a "mission"-like trip. Don't know the mission, but we want to go. I would also run away to rural France. Ooh la la, indeed!

Now a little background on these two conversations... the first involved two people, both from rural midwestern areas. One was Iowa, the other Nebraska. The second conversation was from a guy who grew up on a farm in Ohio. He asked if I felt like I was "missing out" on something because I lived in Minnesota. Now, I'm guessing that these folks have not liked being in rural areas and have thus wanted to "get away" and see the world.

None of these people grew up in a well-populated area. In fact, the Nebraskan has mentioned there is no reason to go visit a 1500 person town. (I'm guessing that they meant without a specific reason, such as family and friends).

So, my question is, why is their need for moving from one small midwestern town, to a bigger one (albeit in a different state, but one that is essentially the same as theirs) my lack of worldliness? No, I haven't lived anywhere else. But I probably will. Becky and I have plans on leaving for warmer climes when school is out. Maybe we'll move to Kansas! I hear it's completely different from the rest of the midwest!


~moe~ said...

Okay, truly, Minnesota has worldiless, and if people don't see that then they are missing out on something. I now live in a not so small, yet small, midwestern town where to see a gay person is odd, to see a non-white person is odder, and yet the city claims to have diversity (can one claim diversity if only 10 people speak Russian?)

Whatever...I've never lived anywhere other than SD or MN and I really do feel that I'm not missing out on anything else. But I do envy you and Becky planning to mission away to France or Greece or wherever...

And yes, I'm bratty and published a slew of blogs at once (but dated them the correct date). :) I'm so sneaky. :) Miss you! I'll be up for graduation...hope to see you!

chesed said...

Ok. You're getting what you asked for. ;-P

No one ever said anything about your "worldliness" or lack thereof. And just because I am a nomad, does not mean that I dislike small-town, rural life. I actually love it. I just also love being in the city. And really, it has little to do with small town vs. big town or midwest vs. east coast. It's more about spending extended time living outside of your norm. So you should get out of MN. BUT, no matter what connotations you think you heard, we still love you (well, I guess I can't speak for the others, but whatever...). :-P