Friday, July 20, 2007


So apparently Tiger Woods does not have competition in this household, but I am now a golfer. I went golfing on Tuesday and rocked my own world.

The last time I went golfing was over the 4th of July in 1997. Becky, two others, and I went to a sandlot golf course in Gary, SD and played 2 or 3 holes before calling it quits. When I write sandlot, I do mean sand lot. The fairways were grass, I think, but the greens were definitely sand. It's the limestone baseball infield sand that doesn't really do anything, but it's easy to maintain.

This time, however, I was a madman! We played 18 holes. On one of the holes in the front nine, I teed off and my ball landed on the previous players ball, knocking his ball about 4 feet from the water hazard. The two "veteran" golfers spent the next 1/2 hour talking about how they've never seen that before and yadda, yadda, yadda... It was fun.

We played "best ball" which means that you get on a team and everybody drives the ball. Then you pick the ball that has the best placement and take the non-best placed ball(s) and hit them from there... and so forth. I was on a team with one of Becky's coworkers (one of the aforementioned "veterans") and we even chose my ball (a lot). Granted, not as much as him, but a lot for my first time golfing.

I'm planning on going again. In fact, I might head to the driving range tout suite. Hmm... nap or golf. Tough decisions.

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