Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yesterday I went to a wedding, but before the wedding, Becky and I watched most of the remake of "Annie." Yes, I actually watched it and, the worst part is, I liked it.

It was a fantastic remake! The choreography with the girls was great. The acting was of good musical caliber, but that was expected. The little girl's voice didn't annoy me (much). (They always make little girls sing too old or too big or something. Leave well enough alone!).

I was bothered by one thing... they took out Punjab. Which was a good anti-racist move, but in his stead put in an African-American woman. So, either way there are stereotypes to fight. But then again, the fact that I noticed it and am pointing it out is probably more racist than they were being by putting a wonderful actress in the movie. She was quite good, I thought. As was Annie and Daddy Warbucks. Kathy Bates was a fantastic Ms. Hannigan.

Anyway, that's my hidden joy of the weekend. I recommend it to anyone who thought about liking the original.

By the way, the wedding was great. I love weddings.


~moe~ said...

Although I'm truly an 'original Annie' hater since in my youth my ever-so-brilliant mother made me get a perm and essentially I had a fro and with the red hair (which was much redder then) I was ALWAYS called Annie, HOW can you have an Annie remake WITHOUT Punjab? He saves Annie! He protects her! He's awesome! Plus he had hair where Daddy Warbucks didn't. And that was cool when he undid his turban thinger and he had hair when everyone, or at least I figured, he wouldn't since Warbucks didn't. whatever.

At least the original Punjab was the narrator for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - he is still appreciated by some.

~moe~ said...

By the by - I love your "Jesus Says..." segments. Where did you get those?

Mike Fillbrandt said...

The crappy thing about it is that they changed the ending completely. Punjab (my favorite character in the whole freaking movie) doesn't have to save her, since Mrs. Hannigan and Rooster never actually get her out of Warbuck's mansion! The ending sucks, in my opinion.

Sean said...

Ok so the part about watching "most" of it... yes, the ending was omitted from my viewing. Poopie. It sounds like that may have changed my mind a bit. Maybe Moe and Curly, um... Mike should discuss the finer points on "Annie."

I haven't seen the original in its entirety since probably 1986 when my grandmother was alive and living near my Elementary school. I saw it one night over there and, being a 1st or 2nd grader, was not impressed in the least.

Maybe I should see both in their glory and do a write-up. Um...maybe after the semester is over, or at least until Mike and Moe have their own conversation.