Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I don't know if I've ever claimed to be something other than naive, but today, my naivete smacked me in the face.

Growing up, I loved books such as, "The Upstairs Room," "Number the Stars," and in High School I was in the play, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly." I never read, but I saw "The Diary of Anne Frank," and I loved that too. I loved how people were willing to risk their lives to (potentially) save another person's life.

One question that came to mind every time I read one of these novels or saw a movie was, "How could they do this without getting caught? Surely, SOMEONE must have seen or heard something!" I know in my neighborhood, I'd know if one of my immediate neighbors was up to something like that.

I was listening to "Grace Matters" today, it's a radio show put on by the ELCA, the episode from July 29th is about Evil and Good. In it, Peter Marty quoted a frenchman who helped "smuggle" people during the Holocaust. "Do you think that I could have harbored people in my house without the milkman, the postman, the paperboy, friends, relatives and neighbors not knowing about it? For every person saved during the Holocaust, there were 8 people keeping them safe."

This hit me hard. It never even occurred to me that those neighbors would not have turned the fugitives in had they known. They MUST have known. Duh! All of those people working together to do what is right, they may not have even known that others were doing the same thing by keeping quiet.


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