Friday, August 31, 2007


Becky and I stayed at the Casa Del Mar resort in Ormond Beach, Florida. It's a border city of Daytona Beach. In fact, we were 1/2 mile away from the city limits.

Becky and I bought into a timeshare property through Bluegreen. It's a points system, you pay X for the points and then a yearly maintenance fee and you can stay at any of their resorts, providing you have enough points to go there. I don't know if it's cost-effective, but Becky's family has had two time-share properties and took 2 week-long vacations every year and my family almost never did. So there's something to be said for that.

Beck and I finally used our points towards a vacation (we "banked" the previous 2 years) and stayed on the 6th floor of this resort overlooking the beach. Every evening we watched surfers (they surf in Florida!) and during the day we watched boogie-boarders and swimmers from our balcony.

Here's the run-down of the week, as I remember it.

We took a taxi from the airport and holy wow! I though MN drivers sucked. I think there is a state law prohibiting the use of turn signals. However, most people do follow speed limit signs, which makes up for the lack of warning.
We rolled in around 1 PM and got situated in the room. Then headed for the beach. We swam a little, tried a bit of body-surfing but didn't make it. Then we went out to eat at Bonefish. This restaurant was awesome and it's a chain! It's in the Outback Steakhouse family and coming to a town near you. I was surprised since I'm not a chain restaurant fan. Then we continued our walk to the grocery store. (We had a full kitchen!)

Becky woke me up to watch the sun rise with her. I'll let the picture speak for itself. This was from our balcony:

Becky got a whole bunch of coupons for various activities from vendors: such as buy-one, get-ones, free rides, etc. Becky and I went running on the beach and sat on our balcony watching people the rest of the day while drinking some wine.

We found out that no one would honor their coupons that Becky got on Monday, so we sulked by the pool and played pool volleyball with some other guests. I got quite burned. I sulked the evening on the balcony watching surfers. Becky joined me in sulking.

I finally got a rental car, because we thought we were going fishing on Thursday. We asked the front desk people what was a great thing to do, and they said, "Go to DeLeon Springs!" So we did. It's a state park with a cold springs and wildlife and some hiking trails. We met a great Scottish couple there. We chin-wagged with them for almost an hour about random things (chin-wagged was their term, not mine). We also saw some interesting wildlife, such as some large spiders (That's for you, Jason) and some lizard-things we think were geckos and a blue-tailed skink.

The tide was high at 10 am, so we rented some boogie boards and tried them out at 1030. Oh, man, THAT was a mistake. I ended up injuring my right shoulder, but Beck and I went out a few more times and stayed out till the rental cart closed at 4. My sunburn got worse and Becky got sore from all the boogie-boarding, but it was a blast.

Today we came home and went to the State Fair. Tomorrow, I'm going to the Renaissance Fair.

Beck and I had a blast and can't wait to go back. I threatened to move to Florida and she got a glimmer of hope in her eye. Here's a picture of us after a Thursday's day at the beach.


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