Saturday, September 15, 2007


I hadn't seen my parents in a little while and Becky hadn't seen them in a little longer, so we decided to go over there. Now, every time I just stop in, they are gone. In fact, I stopped in yesterday afternoon and they were gone. So, Becky called to see if we could "hang out."

We get there and my mom is unusually excited to see us and met us in the kitchen. We talked for 10 minutes or so when the topic moved to a cousin's child's health problems which are documented in a blog that I don't have the address to, so we went to the computer room. Well, after a couple of minutes, my mom was busting, "what's the real reason you guy's came over?" She exclaimed (there's no interrogative exclamation mark). I looked at her and said, "We're not pregnant, if that's what you are wondering!"

She was C-R-U-S-H-E-D. She really enjoys being a Grandmother. And to make it worse, we all giggled about it (even Mom). But we teased her. Then she told me that she thinks my brother Eric, from California, might be sneaking in on us with my brother Ryan has us over for dinner on Sunday. I laid out a metaphor for her.

I said, "Mom, think of this as Christmas. Mom and Dad put all the presents in their bedroom, so you could go in and look. But, unfortunately, Mom doesn't write on each bag, Ryan's or Eric's, so you could look in and see that you are getting a PS3, but it's really for Ryan. On Christmas day, if you don't peek, you'll be excited for what everybody got instead of just disappointed that you didn't get it instead."

Damn, now if I could only take my own advice.

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