Wednesday, September 05, 2007


So, a while back, I worked for a small credit union. A year-and-a-half after purchasing a new software system for the whole bank, part of which scanned driver's licenses and signatures into the system, they still did not have that feature working. I was asked to work on the project. It didn't take very long to get this done and implemented. This isn't the bragging part.

Before I went to the Ren Fest, I stopped at my old place of employment, which happened to be closed, but I saw my former bosses car out front. I called, he let me in. We talked. He mentioned that they caught a fraudulent check-writing ring partially because of these DL scanners! (That, I think, was worth the exclamation point). Because the people had used their driver's licenses to sign up for our services, we had a legal copy verifying that it was them. Moreover, we (I guess I mean they) had just installed color video surveillance (previously B/W) and caught the felons red-handed.

Now, I realize that I had little to do with this. It's like saying that because I put a tool in the toolbox of a NASCAR pit crew, that I fixed Jeff Gordon's car. But I still like it. They wouldn't have had this tool (at that moment) had I not been asked to deal with that particular problem. So, I'll justify my delusion. And in the meantime, bad guys beware of my little credit union. We'll catch ya!


~moe~ said...

You're like the nut that keeps the wheel on.

Awesome, dude.

Sean said...

Yes, I definitely am a nut.