Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hey, your shoe's untied!

Made you look!

So, my first grade year, I still didn't know how to tie my shoes. Then one magical day, my mother's double knot was only a single knot. I asked my teacher to tie it, but she refused, made a public spectacle of me and asked if anyone would teach me how to tie my shoes. Megan Novotny raised her hand and tied my shoe.

That's how I learned to tie my shoes.

Since then I've realized that my shoes come untied from time to time. More often than not, I have to retie my shoes once or twice throughout the day. I was getting sick of this and did not want to double knot them, since I would have to deal with the double knotting when the time came to untie my shoes. So, I dealt with it--until today!

I decided to search Google with the phrase: Why won't my shoes stay tied? And came up with a beauty of a site: "Ian's Shoelace Site". It has a great knot called the "Ian Knot." Now, I'm not a fan of naming something after yourself, but I liked this. I tied my dress shoes, walked 2 miles, sat through an hour long dinner, a 2-1/2 hour long concert and went grocery shopping and the shoes stayed tied. Now, you may not know this, but in these same shoes with my old method ("Standard Shoelace Knot") I would have had to retie at least 2 times, but more likely 4. I'm stoked, I'm ready to tell the world!

I think I'll just tell them it's the Fast Shoelace Knot, it's slightly less pretentious than naming it after Ian.

Yes, my 49th post was on shoelaces. At least I didn't devote an entire website to them!


~moe~ said...

I'm impressed you learned knots and didn't just give in to the velcro phase of shoes. Why grown men and women think velcro is cool is beyond me. I'd rather tie my shoes 20 times a day than be seen in velcro. But thanks to Ian Knots I don't have to! (I sound like an ad campaign - sheesh)

Jason said...

I'm going to spend the rest of my day trying different shoelace knots.

Because I'm running out of distractions, and pretty soon I'll have to finish planning my lessons for this week.

~moe~ said...

Sean...I could just hug you. You always know just what to say and when to say it. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I needed that. I may have to turn to you in a few days (or hours) to get pumped up again. Thank you! :)

And trust me, if I do complete it, there will be FULL report of the entire weekend's festivities - beginning with the nauseousness to the steak dinner (which is the planned finale).

HUGS! Miss you!

M.Filly said...

Megan Novotny? I kinda had a thing for her in high school. Wow.