Monday, September 17, 2007

Sue happy?

Apparently, you can sue anyone. An OK congressperson is suing God. It seems as though he doesn't like running for his life when a tornado comes around.

Please read the story before commenting...


M.Filly said...

Here's what is so sad about this scenario:

I agree with this guy, that these are overly-litigious times, and people seem to have lost their ability to settle disputes with common sense. However, his message is going to be lost because so many religious zealots are going to say, "Sue God? How DARE he!" without really understanding what the Senator's intentions are.

Long story short: Good idea, bad target.

Sean said...

Oops! The Congressperson is Nebraskan... can anything good come from Nebraska?

I concur, M.Filly (Ooh! That reminds me of Les Miserables... M. Filly). He should have done a little market research first.

the intern said...

Eh. GREAT target. Those "conservative", "fundamentalist" Christians in Nebraska need a good run for their money. And they can handle it. At least we have a senator who keeps us honest and on our toes... :-P