Friday, September 07, 2007

Used Books

I went used book shopping with a friend from school today. We drove to Stillwater to go to two used-book stores that are owned by the same guy: a theological bookstore and a general bookstore. These bookstores are Loome books and are fantastic. The general store is closing sometime early next year which is sad, but the other will still be open for a while.

After we got back, we went to a Half-Price Books. They were only open for book-buying, they open officially in a couple of weeks. So I went back with some books to sell. Big mistake. I went with the idea that I wasn't going to get much for these 2 grocery bags full, so I was prepared.

Well, my low-ball estimate was 2x what they gave me. I took it, then bent over. Ouch! I love Half-Price Books when I'm buying, but I can't handle them when I'm selling. I should have just sold them on Ebay like I wanted to. Idiot!

PS I did get some good stuff at Loome. So I'm happy about that!

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