Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I notice little in my days out and about... but the other day I noticed 2 pickup trucks with the MN whiskey plates on them:I also have noticed a lot of W/Republican stickers on pickups and SUV's. It led me to ask what the correlation was between voting and different criminal acts. I am willing to bet that DUI is prevalent among both Dem's and Rep's who are actually serving, but what about voters?

I did not find any evidence either way on this, but if someone has a site to link, please do. I would be interested in this.


Anonymous said...

I go to St. John's, and I have noticed quite a few whiskey plates in the St. Cloud area. I know this region is generally more conservative/republican than the cities, where I am from, so I sometimes wonder if there is a correlation between criminal acts and voting republican, however, I also wonder if people are republican because of their rural, sheltered life style, but criminal acts (like drinking and driving) is just another consequence of that same lifestyle, since there is little more to do than drink in this city.

Baritonality said...

It would be difficult to figure out the chicken or the egg here, but it's an interesting thought.
After I posted this I went to my brother-in-laws and saw 5 whiskey plates out of about 20 cars. This was in suburban Twin Cities (a Republican county) BUT it was a 20-something haven too. I think there is more of a correlation there. Also, at SJU, you might be noticing a lot of student vehicles with SCSU up there. It's really a difficult question to resolve.