Sunday, December 30, 2007


So, I am trying a new service called Feedburner. They keep track of how many people are subscribed to my blog. It should just be the handful of friends that know about it, but I'm curious.

Anyway, the cooler thing is that they offer and email subscription. You can get me sent to your email every time I update this blog. The login is over there on the right, I won't care if you do it, it's a free service and I thought some of you that get sick of my sporadic updating schedule might like it. I checked it out and it seems to be upscale, as in "no spam." The site is owned by Google now, so they probably have all the information they need from you, after all, with Google Desktop, they can read your minds!

Take care.

1 comment:

~moe~ said...

Well, I signed up because you're super cool and I'd love to know when you update, but I check you every day no matter what. :)