Friday, December 28, 2007

Karate Kid

So, this Christmas, I received "The Karate Kid Collection" from my mom. This contains the 3 Karate Kid movies, plus "The Next Karate Kid" with Hillary Swank. I've never seen the last one, and still don't have much interest in it, but I'll watch it someday.

I was 5 when the first movie was released and have seen it many times, so many that it has become part of my being. I'll explain.

My family used to quote Karate Kid to each other, a lot. We would say, "squished, just like grape" and every one would laugh. We, my brother and I, would pull out chopsticks and try to get a fly. But this is minor compared to what happens in my mind now.

I went to Florida in August/September and there were some sizable waves. Without realizing it, I tried to keep my balance like Daniel Larusso did in the Karate Kid movies. I hadn't even noticed until I watched that scene last night.

Another weird thing is that every time someone sings the "Happy Birthday" song, I think of that scene in the movie, well, just the singing in that scene... Mr. Miyagi is singing and after each phrase, Daniel blows a noise maker. I think that every time I sing or hear "Happy Birthday."

I still have a crush on Elisabeth Shue, Daniel's love interest. I watch every movie of hers as I find them, even the bad ones (like Cousin Bette). She's another reason I love the "Back to the Future" movies.

Also, here's a really bad video that I love. My first video post.... enjoy.

Rock and roll here, pizza here.

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