Friday, March 28, 2008

The Crystal of Peace

There are a few of my readers that abhor poetry, but I'll still post this, because it's interesting to me.

My first year at MSU, we sang a piece composed by Frank Ticheli, "There Will Be Rest." It was one of the most beautiful works I had ever sung. I have one recording of it and listen to it constantly, in fact, I was just listening to it when I decided to blog. The poem is by Sara Teasdale.

There Will Be Rest
by Sara Teasdale

There will be rest, and sure stars shining
Over the roof-tops crowned with snow,
A reign of rest, serene forgetting,
The music of stillness holy and low.

I will make this world of my devising
Out of a dream in my lonely mind,
I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me
Stars I shall find.

The recording I have is of the Augustana South Dakota Choir singing this as part of the Ellingboe "Requiem." Peace.

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the intern said...

Yay for Augie! Well done, my friend. Well done.