Saturday, April 19, 2008

Running and Nature

Well, this morning Becky and I decided to go for a run around Como Lake. It is a 1.6 mile track around the lake and we thought it would be a good route, pretty and such.

It was. We saw a few loons and two beavers, a ton of various other fowl including a Great Blue Heron, a Wood duck (in a tree!), mallards and Canadian geese. What bothered me were the dead fish in the lake. There was a nice-sized fish floating just off the shore, I think a walleye, but I didn't look too closely. I know that fish die, but it always seems like it's from some extra-natural process when you see a dead fish in a lake with that many fish-eating animals running or flying around.

Any way, our run consisted of running the first 1/3 of the lake, then Becky wanted to walk for a bit, so we walked another 1/3 and then ran the final 1/3. This was really impressive, since I haven't run since the second week of January and Becky is running a 5k next weekend and has been "training" for it. Maybe if we work on this weekly, we'll be able to actually run the whole lake. It's not far, so it should only take a few weeks, huh?

After that, I came home and hit some softballs. I can't seem to get the distance that I should get. My first mistake is that I'm hitting the ball and not through the ball. I think I'll hit the batting cages this week. That should be good.

Peace all!

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