Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rock Climbing

Oh, I forgot! I'm OK to belay at Vertical Endeavors now, so anyone who wants to go, let me know and all the top-rope climbs are free for the conquering. Yea!

I went on Thursday with Beck's younger brother. He's good. He hasn't climbed since Elementary School and was showing me up. We went bouldering, and he did quite well. I hadn't tried it since my first trip to VE, but I did much better than I did that time. I love gaining skills.

OK, that's all. Anyone who wants to go, let me know, you know how to reach me.

"Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see."

So, a little while ago, Polaroid announced that it will no longer make their instamatic cameras, as in, "polaroids." This was a shock, as Kodak hasn't stopped making film nor is any other company getting rid of good old, analog film. However, it is getting harder to find.

But now, there's some news on the horizon! Polaroid is making a battery-operated, pocket-sized photo printer. This is really exciting, because now the Polaroid is back! It will take as long to "develop," but I'm sure it will be a great boon to the photo world. I won't be buying one, but I know some geeks that will be!

Thank you Polaroid, for bringing back the wonderful world of tiny, instant pictures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I don't recall if I wrote about this before, but I want to share this with you all.

I wrote something and attached it to my computer monitor. I rarely see it, because it is always there, but for some reason I looked tonight.

Strive for FAILURE

I realized sometime last year that I have this fear of failure. I have set myself up so that I cannot fail, or that failing would be difficult. So the last few years I've been purposely putting myself into positions in which I could fail.

Strive for FAILURE

I guess I don't need to strive to fail, but because of this, I have realized that I am not my failures. I am my reaction to those failures. Or, as was the case, my preconceived reaction to perceived future failures. I make my own destiny by creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

I don't know where I am going with this blog, but I wanted to throw out some of my self-actualization stuff. It's weird getting to know one's self.

Rock Climbing and other goals

I've been rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors and have been having a blast. I bought some equipment, so I don't spend too much each time I go. I'm willing to go with anyone who has a desire to learn, as long as you realize that I'm a complete novice too.

My 5K dreams are soon fading... I don't think that I'll be running one this year. However, I talked to my cousin and he's interested in getting ready for a century bike ride this fall. He has done a couple of 62 milers, but never a century. So, I think I'll start getting ready for that.

Now that I know a little about Rock Climbing, I have an official goal:
By May 14th, 2009, I will be able to lead climb a 5.11 difficulty level indoor climb.

I will be adding a goal tracker for my Rock Climbing proficiency. On Monday, I climbed a 5.9- for the first time and today I repeated that climb and did another 5.9- that seemed really easy. Yea for progress!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2 Things....

Becky and I have joined a Softball league through her work. This was the third game I played with them and the first one I've had more than one at bat. (Actually, I only had one at bat total in the first two games). Well, here are my personal stats.
  • I hit a pop to center, out.
  • I hit a triple (that I over ran and pissed off the third base coach who was telling me to stop at 2nd)
  • I hit 2 doubles.
  • I caught 2 flies to the pitcher.
  • I made the last play a diving, grounder-stopping play, with a throw to first.
  • I pitched 6 of the 7 innings.
  • We won our first game in 3 years!
I'm really proud of our team. Becky struck out once and hit solid singles (one should have been a double or more, but our team is conservative on base running).

So I wrote earlier about being asked to play piano at a church this Sunday. Well, we rehearsed tonight. I tried to back out of it and get some friends to cover for me, and I'm glad I didn't. I was less than stellar, but I need to be publicly humiliated into practicing more.

So, I get there and the Pastor introduces me and gives me a huge, over-the-top introduction. Then says that I'm in charge and leaves. I was not ready to lead, in fact, I was hoping to follow. I was kind of thinking that the guitar and choir would be the main leaders and I would be providing the bass and a little melody, because I was told that they knew all the music.

They didn't.

So, I worked them like I would any other choir. I think they appreciated it. I also think I talked too much, which is a common critique for me, but I had fun and I think they did too.

I am so used to 1-1/2 hour rehearsal that I didn't even look at my watch, just let them out when we were done at an hour 28 minutes. I laughed. They normally don't practice for a set time, so this was new to them.

I have one of my goals down, I played in front of people. On Sunday, I'll be driving in that goal and will have finished it undeniably. I'm glad for this opportunity, even if it is beyond my ability. I need a good challenge to rise up to, otherwise I won't challenge myself.

Thanks for reading, many blessings to all you all.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well, I was at the Saint Paul Area Synod's Synod Assembly this weekend. Well, our Bishop was re-elected. Yea! One of the first people I voted for who actually won! Anyway, something else happened. A goal for this year is about to be completed and it just fell into my lap.

This Sunday, I will be playing the service music (with others) for Zion Lutheran Church. I will be playing piano in public! Ack! Well, I have 8 hymns to practice, and I need my sleep. Wish me luck!