Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock Climbing and other goals

I've been rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors and have been having a blast. I bought some equipment, so I don't spend too much each time I go. I'm willing to go with anyone who has a desire to learn, as long as you realize that I'm a complete novice too.

My 5K dreams are soon fading... I don't think that I'll be running one this year. However, I talked to my cousin and he's interested in getting ready for a century bike ride this fall. He has done a couple of 62 milers, but never a century. So, I think I'll start getting ready for that.

Now that I know a little about Rock Climbing, I have an official goal:
By May 14th, 2009, I will be able to lead climb a 5.11 difficulty level indoor climb.

I will be adding a goal tracker for my Rock Climbing proficiency. On Monday, I climbed a 5.9- for the first time and today I repeated that climb and did another 5.9- that seemed really easy. Yea for progress!

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