Sunday, August 31, 2008

Patriotic Elephants

I'm surrounded by elephants adorned with stars and stripes. The Republican National Convention has hit the Mall of America and all the press is wearing Qwest lanyards with the GOP logo. It's nice for me, they are an easy mark. And they seem ready to buy. Wish me luck!


~moe~ said...

I just keep having the phrase "Patriotic Asses" rolling through my brain...somehow it seems the Republican's have the wrong animal representing them. :)

There you go, now you know my political views. :)

Good luck with them! I hope you can score big!

Baritonality said...

Well. I got one sale from some guy who didn't seem affiliated with any political thing. Lots of people stopped by, but no one bought.

Nice sentiment about political asses. Hmm. I'm reminded by a t-shirt..."No one ever said, 'nice piece of elephant.'"