Friday, September 05, 2008


I recently commented on a friend's blog that she should run the half marathon to commemorate her success at running, even though she hasn't trained well enough for it.

I'm a hypocrite.

Tomorrow is the Jesse James' Days 100-mile bike ride. I was planning on riding it, but I never signed up.

Sorry, Moe. I guess I was just trying to get you to do something that you'd be proud of, unlike this guy who bailed on one of his goals. Go for it! I will cheer you on from the sidelines.


~moe~ said...

First I have to chuckle that I'm one of your categories. :) Thanks! I love that.

Second, I just emailed you this, but I had signed up for a marathon in May and bailed (even asked for a refund which the race director was nice enough to offer a free entry next year in lieu of a refund this year).

Then I was going to run a marathon in Spearfish - never signed up for that one and that one would have been completing a women's conference were Kathryn Switzer would have been the keynote speaker! She's my hero!

And then...yes, there's more...I was supposed to run the half marathon this Sunday here and I can barely get out to run 2 miles in the morning, so I'm bailing. All while my friend is running it and she has knee problems.

So trust me...You're NOT a hypocrite. We're here in this world to support each other, right? Whenever you decide to bike whatever you decide to bike, I will be there to support you. Babysteps for everything. You have plenty of time to reach your goal.


Baritonality said...

Well, either way, I feel like a hypocrite. At this moment, had I actually signed up for the century, I would be exhausted instead of sitting at work. Oh, well.

Thanks for the well wishes. I WILL ride it next year. Filly, are you in?