Friday, September 12, 2008


So, there's this new guy at work. He's a little bit older 50's-ish (I was the oldest until he came!). Well, he made me realize something, how important a good job is.

I've been complaining about this job, which isn't all that bad, and he comes in and talks about how wonderful working here is and... it puts things into perspective. I haven't really had to live from paycheck to paycheck. Well, not since I was the producer of paychecks. I am pretty sure my parents scraped by many months of my youth. But now that I listen to his story, I am reminded that I have it really well.

Thanks, New Guy!

(Oh! We each got sales today at the mall that only gets 1 sale a week!)

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~moe~ said...

This is always a good reminder. one of my co-workers and I lament about this very thing together...he has to deal with a lot of crap and stupid bitching that some of our co-workers do and so he'll come in and talk to me about he just doesn't understand why people complain at our workplace. We have it great - 4 day workweek, an automatic 3 day weekend every week (sometimes 4 or 5 depending on holidays), the opportunity to workout at work and get paid for it, uniforms provided (for most of us), and awesome supervisors. Why do we complain?