Monday, October 06, 2008


I have this friend, who is the only regular comment poster. She set a goal to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

She did it!

A month ago she felt under-prepared, but she followed through with this goal. I now feel inspired to follow through with some of my goals that I have been slacking on.

I'm so glad Beck and I got to see you run. I just wish I could have found you at different spots instead of just one. Way to go, Moe!

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~moe~ said...

No pressure the only regular comment poster here I now have to write.

I'm going to email you too, but let me just say it here for all your regular readers: Thank you. Thank you SO much for being at the race. I kept looking for you and was so excited to see you there cheering everyone on, especially me. I needed that it was very uplifting to my spirit. :) I thought about running over to hug you but a) I was on the wrong side of the road and kind of with a tight pack of people and b) I was soaking wet and didn't want to get you all wet too. So virtual hugs here for you: *hugs*