Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work related illnesses

OK. Here's what's been going on with me as far as work is concerned, please comment, I need help.

I currently work part-time at ListenHear. It's a kiosk job. I sell custom ear molds for music, ear plugs and bluetooth, etc. I hate it. Passionately.

On Monday, I'll start at US Internet as a call center tech support person. The turnover rate is high. Really high. Like if I make it 6 months, they are really excited. They pay the same as ListenHear, but it's full-time and I'll learn things there.

Yesterday, I had an interview with SuperAmerica for a Co-Manager Trainee. This is an Assistant Manager Trainee with the plans of becoming a store manager sometime soon. It pays better than USI and ListenHear, but the schedule is going to be across the board. It's like retail, only I'll be in charge AND either an 18 or a 24 hour period of the store being open. Meaning, I may end up with overnights, early mornings and mid-afternoon shifts within the same week. Yikes!

USI is open 24/7, but the shifts are stable until they change. Meaning that I'll have the same shift for a few months, I think, and then it will change for a few months.

Both promote readily. Both seem to promote based on quality, not kiss-up-itude, which is always good, even for an up-kisser. I think that monetary promotions are more readily available at USI, because it starts lower than SA, but SA starts about $5,000 higher.

Becky thinks that USI is a better choice because I may get supervisor experience there, which is a lot of why I like SA. I don't know if I will. They already have supervisors and it's a small organization.

I originally LOVED the idea of USI, because I'll get more involved in computers, a thing I have some skill and would like to develop. It comes in so handy! But I like the idea of upward mobility at SA.

I've really made up my mind, but still want others to chime in. BTW, I'll probably be quitting at ListenHear next week. Let me know if you want any custom products, I'll get a gift certificate for you!


M.Filly said...

USI. 'Nuff said.

Jason said...

I can see you succeeding in either position, since they involve interpersonal communication. I also see both as potential sources of disillusionment--a convenience store seems like the worst kind of customer service, and phone consultation has to attract the dumbest of the dumb.

But weighing the two, I have to agree with Mr. Filly. The tech support thing seems to allow you more opportunity for personal fulfillment.