Monday, November 17, 2008


OK, folks. It was unanimous. I wasn't surprised. My Mom, Dad, the two comments on here, the email from Moe, and honestly, the most important 2 votes... Becky and me: all voted for USI. I started today. I could have canceled and I'm not sure this was smart, but it will be a great challenge, emotionally, mentally and maybe even physically.

I listened in on the phones for a while, just to shock me. They don't have the scripts that other places have, but rely on their techs to be smart enough to do it. They get the whole spectrum of customers and that will be interesting.

But here are some cool things...
The town in which one of USI's owners grew up was recently hit with high unemployment because of Ford layoffs. So, USI opened up a call center in that town. That's cool. That's really cool.

If a USI customer hangs up on tech support, for what ever reason, whether it was before or after talking to a person, a Techie will call them to help them with their issue instead of assuming that they will call back. That's less cool, but still really cool.

All in all, this may be a huge challenge, but I'm excited for it. Thank you all for your helpful input. It's great to have friends.

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