Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So, I'm on the "overnight" week at USI.  This is the week of training that is the geek version of bootcamp.  Sleep little and work hard.  OK.  I guess I haven't been working hard.  And if I'm updating my blog at work, I'm working even less!

The overnight crew trains us in on tasks that need to be done on all shifts, but is easier to train when there are fewer calls, the 11PM-7AM shift.  So far it seems cool.  No details.  I'm too tired.


Max Weismann said...
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Karen Elizabeth said...

Are you still working nights? It was nice to see you this afternoon. I have nothing witty to say, so that's disappointing. But, we can attribute my dullness to cold weather, dark evenings, and too little coffee:)