Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing to say

I really don't have much to say. I'm tired of late nights, but I like my job. It's kind of weird how nothing can be perfect in life, there always has to be something negative happening amidst the positive.

Tonight, yes, while I was working, I chatted with a friend. She's actually one of Becky's friends, but I've known her just as long and... blah, blah. Any way, she was telling me that she really wants to get out of the field she's in and go into the field that she wanted to when she graduated from college. Apparently, her (now) husband had talked her out of going into this because he didn't think she's like it. In reality, he didn't like the idea and couldn't bear that. Now, she's miserable and wants to make a go at it.

How this relates is that the job she has now pays well. The other one doesn't. It seems like you have to give up something in order to be happy. In order for her to be happy, she has to give up the idea of being financially solvent. And, it seems, in order for one spouse to be happy, the other has to give up on something that makes themself happy.

Oh, the humanity!

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~moe~ said...

My first thought was, "do you? do you really have to give up something to be happy?" And then I got to thinking, well, I did. Because I gave up the cities so I could have the job I love. I gave up being close to the Guthrie to living hours away. I gave up being near my friends to try to make new ones here.

But I don't know that those are necessarily negatives. Yes, I gave up living in the cities but I didn't give up being part of the cities - I still go back often. Yes I gave up living close to the Guthrie, but I also continue my season tickets so it's still a part of my life. And yes I gave up being near my friends, but I've also made some new ones here that have enhanced my life - and I haven't lost my old ones - in some ways we've become closer because we have to work harder to continue our friendship.

So maybe the whole "look for the silver lining" thing really is true. Even if you have to "give up" something, what are you gaining? And what would you gain if you stayed where you were? Isn't life about change?