Friday, January 23, 2009


This schedule is a weird one, it seems like I'm always waiting. I'll give you an overview of my week and a glossing of what's going on in my mind.

Sunday: Church... I'm thinking normal things... "crap I work tomorrow"

Monday-Wednesday: wake anywhere between 8-10... think about how I work at 3. Waste time watching TV or playing video games, while I wait for my shift to begin. Get home at midnight... maybe Becky's up... most likely not, so I waste time watching TV or playing video games because I'm waiting until I'm tired..

Thursday: I wake up at a normal time, 8-10, but I need to get some rest, so I don't really plan anything, because I should take a nap at some point. So around 12-2 I try to sleep for 4 hours. Becky might get home between 5-9, yes, it's that varied. We'll eat, or we've eaten separately and we talk for a bit, usually with TV involved, because I'm waiting for my shift to begin. Then I leave for work around 10.

Friday: get home around 8. Sleep until 5-6. Make dinner. Watch TV with Becky, waiting for work. Leave for work around 10.

Saturday: get home around 8. Sleep until 1, as I need to sleep that night at a normal hour. Do little, because I'm grouchy and tired. Wait to go to sleep.

I need to figure out something to do that doesn't involve waiting.... I need some nocturnal friends!

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