Friday, February 13, 2009


So today my car died while I was driving to Anna's memorial service.  I didn't make it there.  My car stalled on 35W, just before rush hour.  I called a tow company, $150 later, I was sitting at my mom and dad's place.  Luckily, my dad's a mechanic of sorts (he hasn't been a professional mechanic for a while, but still fixes his kids' cars, except for California Boy).

Anyway, that was the downer, which clouded the rest of my day.  However, I got to go to the Sport's Page with some former coworkers and had a blast!  I was with them for 4 hours and would have been there longer, but they started LOUD karaoke.

On my way there, I decided to check out the 2 martial arts places in that same strip mall.  One was open and was a Kung Fu place by the name of Shaolin.  Of course, I assumed that it was just a name, but apparently there are some roots to the actual Shaolin monastery.  I'm still doubtful.

In the '90's, Kung Fu: the legend continues was on TV and I desperately (secretly) wanted to learn all the Kung Fu stuff.  I did make a few calls, but was discouraged due to cost and lack of physical ability.  I had this idea that it would make my hip problems less intense, but never went for it.  I do remember my mom encouraging me though.  Huh.  Maybe I should have.*

Anyway, enough with the flashback.  Beck and I are looking for a "couple" thing to do.  We thought about a photography class, but once Becky mentioned that she thought Kickboxing or another martial art would be fun, I was dead set on that.  Not only would it serve as "couple time," but it would fulfill that childhood dream of kicking bad guys' butts AND force me into doing something active while letting out any agression I have.  The only problem, aside from cost, is getting my butt kicked by someone half my weight.  Becky's a lot tougher than she looks and I don't want to get hurt.

That's my rant for tonight.  Maybe I'll have something to actually write about instead of a little rant.  Good night.

*I did take a few classes of Tae kwon do, but that was limited to an after school thing and the teacher only showed up a few times.  Not worth the price of admission, which we received back.

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tegata said...

I think if you guys want to do a couples thing that is also some exercise, you should try dancing. Katie and I try to go to Tapestry on Thursday nights for swing dancing. Great fun.