Friday, February 06, 2009


I've been playing "Kingdom Hearts 2" lately. I'm not a big fan, but there's some interesting stuff. I'll forgo the details of the game, I'm sure that there's a plot line somewhere online, but what I would like to mention is one line that is repeated and I'll paraphrase here:

His heart has been made up. There is no standing in the way of a heart.

This has been something I've been pondering a lot lately and today, it has become more poignant.

Last night, a friend from seminary took her life.

Now when I say friend, I realize that I'm exaggerating. She and I never were close. In fact, I checked facebook tonight and found that she had deleted me from her friends, or I never added her to my friend list. This is beside the point, because we were supposed to hang out with some mutual friends tonight and I knew that she was doing poorly, so I wanted to see how she was.

I guess I found my answer. She is not doing well.

She will be missed. She was loved by people I love. She will be missed by people I miss. But one thing I need to keep in mind, and I hope they keep in mind: Her heart was been made up long ago; there is no standing in the way of a decided heart.

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