Saturday, February 21, 2009

The picture fills in...

A while back, I was having a really bad day and needed to see "people." I didn't care who, just people. I don't remember what all I did, but part of what I did was go to the Mall of America. I walked around there for a while before heading to bed because there were people around, and shopping makes me feel better.

Unfortunately, it isn't shopping that makes me feel better, but the buying.

Well, I passed by a puzzle store and realized that when Becky and I were dating, I gave her an impossible puzzle. It was a puzzle of flying pigs. It was double-sided and I don't think it contained any edge pieces. She had that on her bedroom floor for months. Well, I decided to try it again.

I went in there searching for a puzzle that she and I could do together and not annoy us for the rest of our lives, like the flying pigs. So, I looked around and saw a ton of great puzzles, but they were almost all landscape or Thomas Kinkade puzzles. Then I saw it. The Wizard of Oz!

Last year, Becky and I read "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" to each other and thought it a great story. Well, as I looked at the puzzle, I realized that this painting was using the story from the book. Dorothy had silver shoes, not ruby. There was a wolf and a giant cat, and the queen mouse. It is really neat. It even plays on the color scheme of the book moving from blues to greens. One of the munchkins is L. Frank Baum reading the book to his kids!

We have had this puzzle scattered across our living room for a few weeks (no vacuuming! Gross!) and tonight, we have seen the puzzle move from a bunch of separate chunks into a picture. We aren't done yet, but we are 3/4 of the way there.

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