Saturday, February 07, 2009


As I've whined before, my schedule is such that I sit around a lot.  Because I'm tired of whining, I started going out more than I used to, instead of just sitting around at home.

Thursday, I went out with a friend to TGI Friday's for dinner, then Becky was home from work.  So the three of us played some Guitar Hero and went out for pie with some mutual friends.  The mutual friends had their car broken into and they REALLY needed pie.

Friday, Becky and I finished dinner and Becky got a call from a friend.  I wasn't in the mood for deciding what we were going to do, so I suggested we join them for dinner. (Yes, I realize that we invited ourselves... but...)  Apparently, they were inviting us, but Becky didn't tell me that until I apologized for inviting ourselves to their date.

Tomorrow, or rather, tonight... we have a choir party for the choir I used to direct.  Ooh, and a concert for the choir that I would have been in, but I wanted some time with my wife.

Sunday, I'm hanging out with the kids from church.  I think we are going lazer tagging, mini-golfing and general fun having at GrandSlam.

Next week, I have two whole happy hours!  I am making the guys from my shift go out after work on Wed.  On Thursday, I will hang out with my former coworkers from the credit union.  I'm really excited, but I asked another friend to go out with me rock climbing.  I guess there is too much fun had, right?  I'll have to cancel.  :-(

With the funeral coming up this week, I may be able to see some old friends.  Huh.  That's weird that I'm looking forward to a funeral.

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