Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Having a 3-year-old in your life helps put things in perspective.

I have a recording of her singing, "You Are My Sunshine." It makes me happy when skies are grey. I played it today while on lunch #2 and it made me smile and, after lunch, I couldn't stop singing. Thanks, B!

She also really likes, "Tomorrow" from Annie. It's an attrocious song. I know so many love it, but it's too high for any of those girls to scream and it's so over done.

I love it. When I hear Bella singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow!" a full third lower than they should be, my heart melts. Sister, if you ever ask me to give her voice lessons, I'll cry.

All this was because another friend kicked the bucket this week. That's two in two weeks. This lady is a woman I deeply admired. She was my accompanist for EVERYTHING I did at Mankato. We sang at a nursing home, Senior Recital, Dozens of choir concerts, hundreds of lessons and studio classes. She, aside from Travis, was the only person I knew who could sightread some really challenging stuff and make it sound excellent, and goof around with anything and make that sound good. She sightread, "Les papillons" by....E. Chausson and "Der Erlk├Ânig" by Schubert.

She was so much fun. I think half of my practice times with her we sat and talked about what was going on. We would go get coffee instead or hangout at "Stomper's." I've missed her so much and never contacted her. Even after she fell ill a while back. I guess that's the real reason I mourn. I know that I will see her again, I believe 1 Corinthians 15 is true, but I wasn't the friend that I would have wanted or needed.

I guess that's why we live life, to make those mistakes and learn from them, being careful to not dwell on them. I'll miss you Jennifer and Anna. You both were talented keyboardists who were cut off too soon. But you will join Bach and, maybe Schubert and Chausson, and lead the singing so that when it's my turn (hopefully, many... many years from now), there'll be a strong Bass section for me to join.

But for the meantime, I'll stick with "You Are My Sunshine," "Tomorrow" and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider."

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