Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, today, Becky and I were talking and I came up with a great topic I should write about on here. For the life of me, I cannot remember, but I really wanted something interesting to say. I have felt that this has been somewhat trite lately and I wanted to think through my fingertips and have nothing to think about.

Becky and I are going to see one of my favorite composers in a couple of weeks, Eric Whitacre. He's conducting a group of choirs while they sing his music. "The Eric Whitacre Extravaganza." It's sold out.

I spent way too much on tickets, but Becky seemed excited for it. I never know how she's going to take the spending of money. I guess if it's for me it's questionable, but if it's for us, it's ok? Maybe she'll comment on this posting and we'll find out! LOL!

I'll let you all know what happens there. For now, I'm wishing I was in bed and counting down the hours until the end of my last shift.

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