Saturday, March 07, 2009

No particular place to go....

So in the recent past, I have promised to visit friends in SD, IA, IL, MN, and hinted at CA and OK. All of these people are people Beck and I care about, but we have never found the time to go visit.

With the recent deaths of friends in two different circles of friends, I now vow to keep better tabs on my friends. So, with that, pending my bride's approval, I will visit as many of my foreign-dwelling friends as possible in the remaining months of 2009. And by foreign-dwelling, I really mean non-MN. I can't go to Slovakia at this point, and CA may be a bit far, but I'll work on it.

So, here's the deal.... MN and IA folks, I may be visiting sooner than later, but solo. If you don't want me to visit without the better-looking-roommate, then let me know. We will probably visit sometime later, together, but I miss you all and want to see you soon.
Il. You are in town now and I should be seeing you with 24 hours. We'll discuss.
SD, we'll have to wait PA15, that is Post-April 15. Beck and I will come visit you and your lovely town and maybe meet up with some world traveler-turned camp counselor. That way, you two can meet Becky, finally.
CA, I'll look into a trip out West. My bro's out there, so I should be able to find some justification for a long-ish trip.
OK, I haven't promised you, but I'd still like to come down there, before you move again. Maybe Filly and I can plan a joint venture during a break of his.

I miss you guys. See some of you soon!

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~moe~ said...

PA15 is much better for me than pre PA15. Actually PA21 would be better...but we can discuss. It'll be like buddah.