Sunday, March 15, 2009

Working... Out.

Wow! Yesterday I actually went for a run. Well, I ran at some points.

I ran from the apartment to my parents' house, around 3 miles. I would jog, walk, sprint, walk, etc... the length of it. I did not do any planned intervals, it was always... "I'll run to that stop sign," type of interval training.

I did, however, download some podcasts from this site,, in the hopes that they will help me be more organized in the interval training. It's a great program to get one into 5k shape in 9 weeks. Now, there are other methods, and I'm not running a 5k in a month and a half, but I need some sort of training regimen.

If you are badly out of shape, and live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and are interested in joining a taping of our show... Oh, um. I mean if you would like to "run" with me, let me know.

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