Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Orleans

I feel the need to post, though I'm dying of exhaustion.
We drove through the night (paid drivers of a charter bus) to New Orleans from St. Paul. We left on Saturday at 15:00 and arrived at 15:00 on Sunday. Yes, that's 24 hours. We were wound up and ready to sleep as most of us don't sleep well on a bus. I personally got about 4 hours.
We visited the French Quarter and had a worship service. I know that I am hyper critical of worship, but I really want to talk to the people in charge. The Powerpoints were wrong, not one element went well. The lectors, assisting ministers, ministers and musicians flubbed on easy words. The only thing that went superb was the preaching, which is kinda the point. About the musicians...they were great, just needed to work on their timing and practice the ends of songs. I would re-arrange some of the pieces for their instrument grouping, but they can play.
I stopped a guy from beating up his gf in the French Quarter tonight. He might have been bigger than I am, but I think he was a little frightened that someone would call him out on it. Hopefully it did some good, but I think she will just go back to him--hopefully he doesn't beat her worse because of me. She didn't want my help, though I offered it.
Arrgh. I should go to bed. Good night, world! I'll tell you about the cleanup effort as time allows.

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