Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I really don't have anything to write about, but know that I need to write. For some odd reason.

What I've been up to: working, reading and planning. I've been getting a lot of stuff together at work. We have a rally event coming up and I've been getting all the rosters together, new brochures, handouts and the like there. I plan on having handchimes and boomwhackers in a C pentatonic scale so that the kids and adults can play without it sounding bad. They'll sound like the good, well-tuned wind chimes.
I've actually read a lot this summer and liked it. I'm currently skimming
Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student. It's a solid book, but it's not really for me. I'm looking for an idiot's guide to rhetoric and haven't found one. This is way too detailed for what I want.

What's coming up: I start some more classes at Luther next Tuesday. I'm taking a lot of randoms and am hoping for an independent study with one of the worship profs. He knows his stuff and I would like to learn from him, but I've taken the worship class too many times.

I'm going to the Fair. That should be fun. I am heading there with my family and will meet up with some friends later. That will be a hoot. Yes, I said "hoot."

That's mostly it. I've got some stuff going on at church. We have some inter-generational events and I will be working with the High School youth. I'm trying to incorporate both those things at least some of the time. They are great to work with. :-)

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