Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Month and Assistance

I feel so silly. I haven't written in over a month and the future appears to be bleak as well. NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth is coming up in a few weeks and I desperately wanted to contribute, but I realize that I have no interest in writing a crappy novel (It would be crappy if I wrote it). I do, however, have an interest in writing two other things. The first is really a series of articles about music and worship, the second is music.
The later one is more ambiguous because I have a lot of ideas floating in my head. I could write something that would get published. I could write for my handbell group. I could write for choir. The list goes on.
So, that's what I'm going to do. Write a ton of music, but not until Dec. It's slower at school, but busier at work. I could do it in January, but there's a family vacation in the middle and I won't have access to my computer, a keyboard, etc. So I will have my own NAMUWRIMO, in December.

Now here's the rub. NANOWRIMO has rules. Therefore, I need rules. Well, I need rules otherwise I won't do any of it. For NANOWRIMO, the competitor writes 50,000 words (750 pages) in 30 days. It has to be new material, no rewrites, etc. It doesn't explicitly state that a collection of short stories is outlawed, but it is implied.
I don't care to write a novel-length piece of music (i.e. a symphony), so that last implied rule is a kicker to me. Should I just tell myself that I need 750 pages (12,000 measures at 16m. a page) of music in any form? That's 400 measures a day!

I seriously need to rethink that. Well, I have a month and a bit to decide the rules. I think 400 measures a day are inequivalent to the 5-6 pages a day for the novel.
Your thoughts?


Baritonality said...

My Math can't be right. I keep rethinking this, but I can't come up with the correct formula.
Arrgh! I re-read the entry... it's 175 pages, not 750. I couldn't figure out why that was so high.
175 pages in 30 days is 5.8, so 93 measures a day. That's still a stretch. I need to figure out now how to deal with the fact that if I have 4 instruments, does that count as 4 measures, even though it's only 1 measure (4 beats)?
Why am I writing these internal monologues out for someone else to trip on?

Jason said...

Really, any novel written for NaNoWriMo--no matter who writes it--is going to be crap. That's kind of the point. There's no way someone can produce new content at that pace and expect that it would be polished, so what this encourages is production as a goal. It doesn't matter what quality--the inner editor shuts off.

So the question is--can you spend a month writing crappy music? Just to have produced a lot of music and uncluttered your mind?

I think that kind of process can be valuable.