Monday, June 14, 2010

House (Buying?)

B and I are attempting to buy a house... in Richfield. It's our first time and I'm really excited.
Today we brought my dad along for the ride and realized that there is a LOT of work related to this house. And again, I ask myself, "Why are buying a house instead of just renting?"
While I don't know why we shouldn't just rent, I do know that it will be nice to have a building to myself. To not listen to conversations in the hallway, to not worry about the movie I'm watching going to long into the night, or being too loud, or not having a good dishwasher, etc. Soon we'll be able to BUY a dishwasher and BUY a range and SPEND lots of money on everything.
I'm excited and nervous. Wish us luck!

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