Friday, June 11, 2010

Of In-Laws, Wives, and Polygamy

Yes, you read that correctly, I wrote polygamy. I have a guilty pleasure, HBO's Big Love. It is fascinating!

When my family went to Florida last January, the place we stayed had HBO and every night they showed Big Love while I went to bed. I was intrigued.The show is about a sectarian Mormon family that believes in polygamy. Bill Henrickson, the protagonist, has three wives, each completely different from the next. When I got home from Florida, I immediately put in to get the DVD's from the library. B and I just finished the first season.

In one of the episodes, all of Bill's mothers came to stay with the family. Talk about nightmare in-laws! No one has it worse than a wife (or wives) who have 7 different women telling them that they are doing everything wrong. Oy!

This is actually my second round with a season of Big Love. Last Lent, I decided to not watch broadcast television and borrowed the second season (yes, I know that I watched them out of order, I HAD to). During that time, I actually had nightmares about being married to three women. It was AWFUL!

Even with nightmares, the show is an interesting, albeit fictional, account of the life, theology, and mindset of polygamists. I completely recommend this show to anyone for entertainment and for a look into a lifestyle different, probably, from yours.

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