Sunday, August 15, 2010


I saw Godspell for the first time the other night. The performance was well done, a friend played Jesus and I knew a bunch of other people, including Jesus’ mother, played by the mother of the actor who played Jesus. They did a great job.
The following has nothing to do with their performances, they were great. This is about the play itself.
I don’t get it. I must admit with a theological degree I can ascribe meaning to it if I want to, but I don’t get it. There’s a collection of parables that are done in the strangest of ways. Jesus seems angry, belittling his compatriots, and uses “miracles” to shut people up. He’s EXTREMELY legalistic throughout.
Additionally, the first half of the show is over-the-top goofy and the second half is straight and completely serious…ending with Jesus singing “Oh, God, I’m dead.” What? Why would someone sing that they are dead, let alone HOW would a dead person sing?
I just don’t understand it. Could someone help me?


~moe~ said...

I've never understood this one either. The "I am dead" thing is very Shakespearian (think Hamlet, "I am dead Horatio" as he was dying)...but the rest I didn't understand. I'm sure Jesus was angry at times, but it's like a constant through Godspell which I never really figured out. If someone else enlightens you, please let me know.

Iceman said...

It's a hippy show. I thought that was the explanation.