Wednesday, September 08, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars

So there was a story on Public Radio the other day about a former public radio reporter who wrote a choose your own adventure novel about winning the lottery. Also, today a friend and I got on the topic of what we’d do with a winning lottery ticket. So here is my incomplete list:

First off, I would make sure my house and all the houses of my family members are paid for. (~1 million)

Second, no debt for any of us. (~1 million)

Third, retirement would be taken care of. I figure we are now 3 to 4 million down. (~2 million)

Now it’s time to have fun.

Give money to the church where I work, to the one I belong and to the parent organization of both. (~3 million/7 million total)

Give money to the places I volunteer. (~2.5 million/9.5 million)

Give money to the Luther Sem. Music and to MSU music and probably St. Olaf (~2 mill/11.5 million)

Give money in honor of my first music teacher Judy Cooper. (~500,000/12 mill)

Give money to Shriner’s Hospital. (1 mill/13 million)

Get some friends out of debt (2 million/15 mill)

Dump money into a startup company (1 mill/16 million)


Wow! I just blew through 16 million dollars I don’t have. I better go buy a lottery ticket.


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