Thursday, October 14, 2010

Returns, Exchanges, & Disappointment

Today I returned two items to two different stores, Menards and Ikea. I thought it was interesting what happened at each, so I’ll write about it here.

I went to Menards, walked in with my receipt and the curtain rod. There was no wait, so I went up to the counter, made my exchange. They scanned my receipt, scanned the item, handed me the receipts and, had I left at this point instead of browsing, I would have been in and out in 3 minutes. Good service!

When I went to Ikea, there was a line. I took my number 56, looked up and saw that they were on 53. I sat on one of their couches, grabbed a catalog and leafed through it. By the time they called my number, it was probably 10 minutes from when I first sat down. They couldn’t apply my credit to the card, because B used her card and I didn’t have it. They had to give me in-store credit. Yuck. Bad service indeed!

Even still, I hate Menards and love Ikea. Here’s why:

Menards’ slogan is “Dedicated to Service and Quality.” Except for this one time, I have yet to see either. When I was browsing through the store, and every other time I’ve been there, I could not find anything, nor could I find help. When I did find what I was looking for, it was the wrong size and the person that helped me find it dashed off before I could get more help. I left without buying anything else.

When I sat at Ikea, I saw that they have spare parts up for grabs on their wall. This means that if you lose a screw or break a plastic doohickey, you can just walk in and get the thing you need. There is no cost. There is no need to ask for help. It’s just there. Also, I mentioned that I was missing this iron-on hem for some curtains I was keeping and the return clerk went in the back and found me some.

I hate Menards because this is the first time I’ve returned anything and the first time I’ve had good service there.

I love Ikea because even when I have bad service there, I get good service in the end.

Menards, please change your slogan, because I never get service or quality at your store.

Ikea, please keep up the good work.

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